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The Diet Fitness King Team is a team of 6 people lead by the founder Greg Davis. We have all different levels of experiences and credentials in the health field and our goal is to provide people the highest quality information available. Everything we put out is well researched and we have a lot of passion and pride behind this! Please let us know if you find any incorrect information on our website or feel free to contact us with feedback in general.

How To Get Into Summer Shape Quickly

how to get into summer shape quickly Table of Contents Shed your winter weight without, well, waitingWhat you’ll eat 1 – Cut those carbs What (and when) you won’t eat Alcohol Say no to sugar Keto supplements What you’ll do Cardio Lift weights Sleep Not necessarily easy, but definitely simple  Shed Your Winter Weight Without WaitingWinter is typically a time where we slow down, preoccupied […]

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How to Get Into Fat Burning Mode Quickly

how to get into fat burning mode quickly Table of Contents You’re either burning fat or you’re not It’s all about insulin Cut out sugar and processed carbs Improving your diet Fasting Exercise Proper supplementation Putting it all together  You’re Either Burning Fat or You’re NotThere are as many “diets” as there are things that make us gain weight and most of […]

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7 Fun Ways To Exercise As A Family

7 fun ways to exercise as a family  Table of Contents 7 Fun Ways to Exercise as a FamilyOrganized ExerciseSports Night Every WeekJump RopeFamily Boot CampHide and SweatNerf Fight!Walk the PoochBenefits of Exercising as a FamilyImproving Happiness Levels at HomeQualities of a Healthy FamilyBenefits of Healthy FamiliesFinal Thoughts Infants and babies invest a dreadful part […]

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How To Create Your Own Workouts For Weight Loss

how to create your own workouts for weight loss Table of Contents Weight Loss StrategiesResistance TrainingCardioHIIT/MetconsCreate Your Own Workout – Metcons Featuring Total Body Movements30 Mins / Day, 3 – 6 Times / week45-90 Mins, 3-6 Times / WeekWorkout Structure for Weight LossHow to Create Your Own Workouts for Weight Loss Conclusion Losing weight seems complicated, […]

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Is Your Fitness Program and Nutritional Plan Working Together?

is your fitness program and nutrition plan working together? Table of Contents Fitness FormulaPersonal GoalsNutrition PlanWorkout ProgramAligning the Plan and ProgramWhat Should I Eat While Working Out to Lose Weight?How Do I Maintain My Weight While Exercising?Why Do I Lose More Weight When Not Exercising?The Fitness Formula: Simple and Smart Way to Kill Any Program! […]

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Nutrition For Kids

nutrition for kids Table of Contents Eating Habits for ChildrenGood Eating HabitsPoor Eating Habits and It’s AffectEating in ModerationWhy and How of Teaching Kids to Eat in ModerationWhat Should a Child Eat?Healthy FoodsHealthy FruitsHealthy VegetablesBest Sources of ProteinFastest Way to Lose Weight For KidsGet a Picky Child to EatMy Child Is a Picky Eater and […]

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