diets and nutrition for a flat tummy & abs

As you set a goal to burn calories and achieve a flat tummy and killer abs, it’s important to know which foods will help you on your way and which foods you need to cut entirely. There are some foods that will definitely be in your corner, and others that will need to sit this match out. As you work towards your goal, you should also remember that weight loss takes time.

However, your diet is far more important than any exercise routine. For the best results ever, you should consider combining your new diet plan with a cardio workout a few times a week.

So, let’s take a look at the best diets and overall nutrition to help you achieve that flat tummy and the abs you’ve been dreaming of.

Which Foods Help Burn Belly Fat?

When you have the goal of achieving a flat tummy and abs, it cannot be accomplished with exercise alone. Diet is vitally important, as well, and there are numerous foods available that can help you either burn belly fat and work towards your weight loss goals. There are many changes that you can make to your diet, including adding extra fiber, boosting your protein, adjusting the beverages that you consume, and more. Over time, you’ll be able to see clear, dramatic results.

Balance Caloric Intake

As you adjust your diet and work towards a flatter stomach, one of the logical first things to do is to cut your caloric intake. However, it’s important to avoid making the mistake of dropping your daily caloric intake too low.

Sometimes people start cutting calories to drop a few pounds and get over zealous, lowering their calorie intake to the point that they aren’t getting enough nutrition for their body.

Take the time to calculate how many calories you need for your body size, type, and activity level, then try to stick to that number and keep a balanced diet as you do so.

Add Fiber

Another healthy way to work towards a flatter abdomen is to add extra fiber to your diet. You can do this in a variety of ways. Consider boosting your whole grain intake, adding more fruits and vegetables with peels, or opting for lower calorie nuts and seeds.

If you’re on the run or none of those options appeal to you for the meal that you’re preparing, you can also add soluble fiber powder to your drink or smoothie for the day. These powders are a great way to stay regular, boost your fiber intake, and work to burn belly fat, all at the same time.

Cut Refined Carbs

When you’re trying to keep your tummy flat and lose the extra pounds, complex carbs with fiber included are fine, but steer away from simple refined carbs.

This means that you’re probably fine with a slice of whole wheat toast and a light smear of peanut butter, but you’re going to want to avoid several slices of white bread with jam. Keep the skin on your baked potato, or even better, switch it out for a baked sweet potato instead.

You’ll find that swapping simple carbs for complex carbs wherever you can will help you decrease the calorie count of your food. The extra fiber is great for your health and is also good for helping you flatten your stomach.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Those who are aiming for a flat abdomen and tummy may also want to work to limit their liquid calories. Often we take in more calories than we realize throughout the day through soft drinks, juices, smoothies, and sweetened coffee drinks.

If you start paying attention to your liquid calories, you may be quite surprised at just how many of them you’re consuming. Make some changes to your daily caloric intake by reducing the number of caloric beverages you consume throughout the day, and you may find that you begin to drop pounds far more quickly than you’d originally expected.

Increase Water Intake

As you work towards a flat tummy and abs, one easy change that you can make is to dramatically increase your water intake. Water has no calories, helps keep your body’s systems working correctly, and helps food pass through your digestive system appropriately.

Consuming enough water on a daily basis helps make sure that your body is functioning optimally and that waste passes out of your body as quickly as possible.

In addition, you’ll find that you feel more full if you drink enough water, so you’ll feel the need to consume fewer calories in general, but also fewer empty calories that remain in your body as fat.

Boost Protein Content

Your body runs on protein, and lean protein is one of the best fuels for your system. When you’re trying to lose weight and flatten your abs, boost your protein levels by adding fish, lean chicken, low fat dairy, low fat nut butters, and eggs to your diet.

If you struggle to consume enough protein throughout the day, you may even want to consider boosting your protein levels with a powdered supplement.

Protein supplements are available in powdered form to be mixed in with your daily shake or smoothie, or you can also purchase already prepared protein bars for easy breakfasts or snacks.

Stop Being Sweet on Sugar

Many of the foods that you consume on a daily basis have quite a large amount of sugar added to them. As you work to lose weight, take the time to pay attention to the sugar that’s in the food you eat, as well as the amount of sugar that is added.

You may find that there’s a good bit of sugar lurking in surprising places. Cut out easy things first, like the sugar you put in your coffee. Consider dropping your daily soda and avoiding cookies and candy.

Once you’ve accomplished things like this, start examining labels and removing high fructose corn syrup and added sugar, so that you can eliminate the additional calories that they contain.

Whole Grains

Add extra servings of whole grains to your meals wherever you’re able to fit them in. Consider swapping white bread for white, or adding whole grain tortillas instead of the white flour one you’d usually select.

Add extra beans to your salad or a serving of oatmeal to your breakfast. Or consider easy to pack whole grain breakfast bars, so that you can add whole grains while you’re on the go.

Increasing your whole grain consumption will help you to keep your heart as healthy as possible, while boosting your weight loss efforts.

What Foods Flatten Your Stomach Fast?

Boosting protein levels, adding whole grains, and increasing your water intake are all great ways to flatten your stomach. Increasing your fiber intake helps keep your digestive system working smoothly, and your entire body needs optimal protein and water to function at its best. When you consume enough of the essential building blocks, it’s far easier to achieve your goal of a flat stomach.

When you’re ready to put Operation Flat Abs into action, these are the foods that you want to have on your side. So, hit the grocery store, clean out your fridge and cabinets, and get ready to start making healthy choices that will help you drop the pounds. You’ll be enjoying a flatter stomach before you know it.

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