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When it comes to healthy living, almost everyone wants to drop unhealthy lifestyle habits and take up effective fitness routines. However, the greatest challenge when it comes to working out is the lack of adequate time, more so for people with busy schedules.

As most fitness experts will assert, a proper workout session should last for around two to three hours depending on the areas you are working on.

Personally, squeezing an hour or two out of my daily routine is a tough ask, especially considering factors such as traffic from work to the gym, changing into training gear, after shower workouts and finally changing into my clothes again.

Although I always wanted to take up fitness routines, committing to workout programs has always been tough. However, all that changed around a year ago when I was introduced to the Focus T25 workout program.

ZONEV Focus T25 Shaun T DVD Videos,25 Minutes Workouts Fitnes Program

Basically, the Focus T25 is a 25 minute exercise routine developed by the renowned Shawn T, one of Beachbody`s senior fitness coaches. The routine aims to cut off body fat, improve fitness and build muscle mass through high intensity interval training (HIIT).

If you are like me, that is, you want to take up a healthy lifestyle but lack enough time to work out; then this Focus T25 review is just for you. Read on to find out more about the Focus T25 and why you should or shouldn’t try it out.

The good news, though, is that I have used the fitness program before and will be giving you information based on my personal experience.

What Is Focus T25?

As mentioned earlier, Shawn Thompson, who is also the creator of the Insanity workout programs, is the brains behind Focus T25. Shawn is a certified fitness expert with a bachelor's degree in Sports Science under his belt meaning he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to fitness. 

The T25 workout is a DVD series that comes complete with a 10-week home workout guide. Inspired by the high- intensity interval training technique (HHIT), the T25 workout aims to cut all extra body fat, increase your muscles while also improving your personal health and fitness through high intensity, but short durations.

When taking up the T24 program, expect to participate in high-intensity routines followed by low intensity movements and rest. You will be required to repeat the cycle several times for 25 minutes as instructed by Shawn on the DVD.

How the Focus T25 Works?

Similar to other HIIT fitness guides, the Focus T25 consists of short but high intensity workouts followed by strictly measured recovery time. To successfully manage the workouts you should be mentally prepared for vigorous body movements, use of energy during the workouts and a host of other physical exercises such a stretching when warming up. 

As you will notice on the DVD cover, the routine entails 10 different workouts with each lasting for 25 minutes. Luckily, Shawn has broken down the routines into phases to allow your body to get in the work out groove gradually. There are three main phases which include:

  • Alpha phase
  • Beta phase
  • Gamma phase (optional)

Alpha Phase 

When I started using the Focus T25 program, I was skeptical about it being too complicated or difficult to handle. However, after my first session, I realized that Shawn had designed the alpha phase specifically for beginners.

In the alpha phase you will not be required to use any equipment. The phase contains five simple workouts which will help condition your body in preparation for the second phase.

An important factor to keep in mind when using the focus T25 is the need to follow Shawn's instructions to the latter. Remember, since you will be participating in a 25 minute, high-intensity workout routine, following the instructors lead is highly recommended to get the desired results.

An image of an gym instructor leading a working training squats

You wouldn’t want to waste a whole two months now, would you?

In the Alpha phase, Shawn recommends following the schedule indicated below:

  • Day One: Cardio – to get your body physically prepared for the demands of the workout program.
  • Day Two: Speed based routine – an aerobic routine that aims to condition your major muscles.
  • Day Three: Intense complete body workout – aims to push your body even further and workout all parts.
  • Day Four: Abs – focusing on removing excess belly fat and toning the muscles.
  • Day Five: Legs training – to build leg muscles.
  • Day Six: Rest and stretch.

Since phase one is intended to last for five weeks, you will be required to follow the same routine for the remaining weeks. Worry not, though, as Shawn will walk with you every step of the way, guiding you on what to do and things to avoid.

Beta Phase 

The Beta phase makes up phase two of the Focus T25 program. The second phase of your training program is designed to pick up immediately where you left off in the alpha phase. In phase two, your workouts will increase in intensity to facilitate muscle toning and the burning of hard-to-shed fat.

When I started on phase two, I was genuinely excited since I could already feel and see some changes. Although not much physical changes had occurred, my core, back and calf muscles felt a lot stronger than when I started. 

In the beta phase, Shawn will guide you on how to accomplish the following routines:

  • Cardio workout – more intensity that phase one.
  • Speed-based routine – focuses on pushing major muscles into enhanced performance.
  • Full body workout – tougher than phase one and requires patience to do correctly.
  • Intense core training – toughest of all routines since you will need to follow Shawn`s exact movements.
  • Upper body exercises – works on abs, shoulders and arms.

Remember, the beta phase is the more demanding of the first two phases. As such, you will need to be keen on Shawn`s instructions to avoid sustaining injuries or wasting time by doing the wrong things.

You will not need to use any equipment on these two phases.

An image of women doing intense workout in a gym

Since the Focus T25 comes in different packages; that is, the base and the deluxe kits, you will need to select the one that suits you best. The base package does not contain the gamma package; however, both kits have a diet plan, resistance bands, user guide and work out schedules.

Since the deluxe package adds another dimension to your workouts, it also comes with added equipment that will help you manage the routine.

Gamma Phase 

The gamma phase is the final but optional phase of the Focus T25 regimen and arguably the most challenging. In the gamma phase, you will be required to work out using equipment which will be included in the package. 

An image of a woman doing abs workout

Since the gamma phase requires core strength and a well-conditioned body, it is advisable to start on the gamma phase only once you have completed the other phases.

Below are the main routines in the gamma phase:

  • Upper body rip't up intervals: through the use of the equipment to make your upper body stronger.
  • Vigorous body circuit: pushing your body to its limit through extreme routine repetitions.
  • The pyramid: strength and cardio endurance test.
  • Speed training: pushes your body`s limit further through recurrent full body exercises.

At the time of completing the gamma phase, you should be able to spot significant body changes.

The deluxe package comes with a unique diet plan and workout calendar to ensure you successfully manage the gamma phase.

Why the Focus T25?

I enjoyed the Focus T25 primarily due to its convenience. By lasting for only 25 minutes, it is a workout program that even the busiest people can manage to handle. Well, if you have a history of giving up on long and highly demanding routines, then you have no reason to quit when following the short Focus T25 program.


  • Really short as it lasts for 25 minutes.
  • Professional and highly energetic instructor who creates a personal feel with the viewer.
  • Comes with a diet guide and workout schedule.
  • The DVD series comes with appropriate equipment such as mats.
  • Program broken down into sections making it easy for beginners to follow.
  • Short span as you expect to be done within two months when using the base kit.
  • User can select between base and deluxe kit depending on personal goals.
  • Easy to start and follow.


  • Can lead to injury if instructions are not keenly followed.
  • User needs to be alert and highly energetic to keep up with the instructor.


As is evident from the above review, the Focus T25 is a highly unique fitness program that works well for people with tight schedules. Consisting of 25 minute daily exercises, Focus T25 offers you the high intensity workout needed to achieve a variety of fitness and healthy living goals.

Although it is not easy when starting out, the routing gets easier every time you do the routines.

When I started the routine, I was genuinely out of shape and starting to lose hope of finding a convenient workout routine. However, despite my skepticism when starting out, I gradually fell in love with the routine, especially when I started seeing the results.

Therefore, if you are looking to take up a convenient workout routine that doesn’t eat too much of your time and resources, I would recommend trying out the Focus T25 regimen as you will notice differences within the first month of training.

Even better, you can select from either the base or deluxe kits depending on your fitness targets.

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