is your fitness program and nutrition plan working together?

Have you been simply killing it at the gym lately? Awesome, but are you still not getting the results you want? Have you been eating well and not cheating? Great work, but are you not packing on the muscle or getting those much wanted weight-loss results?

Don’t worry, getting the results you want isn’t as difficult as you might imagine and your fitness goals are probably closer than you think. Although there are a few working parts to the equation, figuring out the “fitness math” is relatively simple and it begins with the fitness formula…

Fitness Formula

When we learn new things, we most often begin with the basics, we simplify. When we first learn English, we don’t begin by constructing complex and compound sentences. Math begins with addition and subtraction and if you approach fitness this way, it suddenly becomes very simple.

If we are discussing mono, di, and triglycerides or how to balance and stage your cardio and weight training to obtain your goals, we have gone well past the basic formula. If you just read that and say “what?” That’s okay, you aren’t expected to be that well-versed in nutrition and you don’t have to be in order to reach your goals.

So what is the formula for great fitness? Step one begins with you.


Personal Goals

Set Your Sights High

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. In order to get anywhere, it is generally helpful to know where you are going. The same principle applies to your workout and fitness program. Are you looking to maintain your health, improve your health, get stronger or lose weight? Accomplishing your goals begins by setting them, so set them high because the view is amazing from up there!


Nutrition Plan

The Diet of Champions

Once you know your destination, it is time to begin preparing for the trip. Sometimes it can be too early in a program to start regular weight training. Some programs may avoid doing ab-work until other goals are met, but it is never too early for proper nutrition. What your diet looks like should be first dictated by your goals and secondly, by the type of weight training routine you are using. Speaking of weight training, that is the third part of the formula.


Workout Program

Getting Ripped, Getting Stacked or Melting Calories – There’s a Program for That!

The types of workouts, exercise routines, and weight training plans today are endless. Finding a program to help you body-sculpt, build size or simply shed fat isn’t difficult. The secret here is to find the right program for you and your goals. What that program looks like will be decided by the final step.


Aligning the Plan and Program

The Most Powerful Common Denominator

This is arguably the most crucial aspect of the fitness formula. It is true that falling short or failing in any specific part of the equation will yield less-than-optimum results. Not aligning your nutritional plan with your program, however, will result in working against yourself and your goals every step of the way.

Simplifying fitness makes it easier to understand and more importantly, easier to control. That means it will be easier to reach our goals and maintain our health. If we were to write the fitness formula on paper it would look something like this:

Nutrition Plan

Fitness Routine


Goals (maximized results)

Using a basic approach such as this one enables us to spot problem areas, align our plan with our program and get the ultimate results. And that doesn’t mean just getting the best results in the end but in every workout, every meal and every day. Of course, this might look good on paper but what does it look like in action?

How does this formula get me to where I want to be, improve my results and give me better control over my program?

To answer questions like these, let’s apply the fitness formula to a few common questions we encounter along the road to a better, healthier and happier us!

What Should I Eat While Working Out to Lose Weight?

In the first scenario, we will specify the goal as torching body fat. Now we align our nutritional plan first to maximize fat burning. This type of diet will commonly follow a high protein low carb regimen.

The next step is to employ a workout program targeted to accelerate fat loss. These types of programs can often include high intensity or extended cardio sessions.In order to lose weight (burn fat and calories) while working out, we will evaluate our nutritional plan, if it looks good then we move on to our program. Is it designed to shred fat and melt calories?

The fitness formula will help you locate what part of the equation needs to be adjusted and keep you on track.

How Do I Maintain My Weight While Exercising?

This is a very common question for athletes who must worry about weight classes and for those wanting to maintain their current size and strength.

Once again, we begin by determining the goal. In this example let’s simply call it, staying fit. The nutritional plan for this individual would be of the highest importance and resemble a high carb high protein balance.Generally speaking, competitive athletes and those looking for a fitness maintenance routine subscribe to some form of a cross-training program.

The key here often lies in ensuring that you are getting enough quality calories to offset those you burn. If your nutritional plan isn’t up to par, the fitness formula will make that evident.

Why Do I Lose More Weight When Not Exercising?

In addition to helping us achieve our goals, the fitness formula can also help us troubleshoot our programs. A person on our aforementioned high carb high protein cross-training routine could encounter an issue with unwanted weight loss as a result of their weight training rest days.

A look at the fitness formula would reveal any issues with the program alignment that could contribute to this problem.In this scenario, our workout warrior is continuing to hit cardio conditioning during “rest” days which is a culprit for those unwanted results.

The formula would also reveal if any adjustments are (or aren’t) being made to the nutritional plan during those days, another potential cause for the loss of weight.

The Fitness Formula: Simple and Smart Way to Kill Any Program!

Following the fitness formula will result in less wasted energy and effort, maximized workouts, and in getting the most out of your nutritional plan. Use the formula to target parts of your exercise program and nutritional plan that aren’t working together and as a guide to align your diet and your workout.

Using these principles for any type of workout and for any of your goals will get you one step, one meal, and one workout closer to reaching your goals!

Don’t waste time figuring out how to get fit, spend time getting fit! Are your fitness and nutritional plans working together? Work smarter and harder using the fitness formula and get the most out of every workout and your program.

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