Preseries Lean Pre-Workout Supplement

A natural, pre-workout supplement helps to boost the body's natural systems to burn fat and build lean muscle. The endurance complex improves circulation and muscle recovery, aiding in your fitness goals. The thermogenic ingredients boost your metabolism without leaving you anxious.

The cutting edge thyroid enhancing ingredients were what intrigued me. PreSeries pre-workout supplement is a way to naturally boost your body's metabolism while you workout towards your goals.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to lose weight and gain lean muscle.

Check this product out to help make your fitness goals and lose weight without losing muscle. The natural ingredients and other benefits make it the perfect supplement to your workout.

Help yourself towards losing weight and gaining muscle without the frustration.

Tired of dieting to lose weight? Dieting, alone, can help you lose weight and muscle mass! When you workout, it seems like your body gains weight from the muscle.

PreSeries Lean is a work out weight loss supplement that will help to support fat loss and lean muscle gain. The ingredients combine to boost your energy levels and give you the endurance to sustain your workout.

As a woman looking to workout and lose weight, this supplement helped me to cut down those inches while building lean muscle.

I found this supplement the right combination of stimulant and muscle recovery to help me start towards my goals!

Who is PreSeries Lean for?

PreSeries Lean is intended to be used pre-workout to help reach your body's full potential during a cardio and/or weight lifting session. 

It is intended for those who want to build lean muscle and need to lose weight. This supplement has been found very effective as a pre-workout addition to your routine.

I enjoy the sustained energy without the nervousness.

The muscles will not be overly tired after you boost your workout with this natural body enhancing supplement.

Benefit of PreSeries Lean Pre-Workout

Innovative Pre-workout Supplement

Less artificial dyes, more natural flavorings, this product provides the powerful punch needed by a pre-workout supplement.

Designed for those who wish to lose fat and gain lean muscle, Preseries gives the extra boost of energy to sustain those long and worthy workouts.

This supplement stays with you while you workout and recovering, not leaving your body feeling stressed. It helps to improve circulation, muscle recovering, improve metabolism and much more!

Improved Circulation and Muscle Recovery

The L-Citrualline Malate (6g), branch chain amino acids (BCAA-2g) and Beta-Alanine all work together to deliver the endurance ingredients. The L-Citrualline Malate is the top ingredient in improving circulation during workouts.

BCAA has been proven effective to help muscles recover. Beta-Alanine helps to support the metabolism of fat by helping the body replenish L-Carnitine. People who lack L-Carnitine have a difficult time metabolizing fat and lack of energy.

This endurance complex helps to attack all the issues from draining workout with effective ingredients.

Energy to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

The energy boost thermogenic ingredients list is well-balanced, which makes it one of the best on the market. The list includes:

  • Caffeine (180 mg)
  • Synephrine (50 mg)
  • Hordenine (25 mg)
  • L-Theanine (360 mg)
  • Choline (500 mg) 

Caffeine stimulates the body into fat metabolism yet too much can cause the body to tire easily. The other ingredients enhance the effects of caffeine for a rounded experience.

  • Synephrine - Naturally occurring alkaloid, in plants like bitter orange, that boost metabolism.
  • Hordenine - Found in barley, naturally stimulates the body as well
An image of coffee beans with different spices on a white marble top

These natural stimulants combined with each other pack a powerful punch for metabolism of fat. The rounded approach to caffeine is one of the perks to this powerful energetic weight loss supplement.

Support Thyroid Complex

A major difference between PreSeries LEAN and other supplements is the complex that supports the thyroid function. The ingredients in this cutting edge complex to support the thyroid are:

An image of ashwaganda food collection with herbs, spices, fruit and supplement powders
  • Ashwagandha (50 mg)
  • Guggulsterones (75mg)
  • Copper
  • Chromium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

This thyroid enhancing ingredient list encourages those who are dieting to seek out this pre-workout supplement. You will help your body boost its own metabolism!

  • Ashwaganda - A natural ingredient that helps to protect and support your thyroid. It encourages the body's own system to metabolize which is unique.
  • Guggulsterones - Another natural ingredient that helps to increase thyroid activity.
  • Copper, Chromium, Selenium and Zinc - Help to increase the activity and encourage the thyroid to function properly.

The thyroid is a gland that supports metabolism in the body and helping to enhance it will only help you have improved long term effects.

Low thyroid symptoms could be a reason why you have gained weight and this supplement will help you all naturally!

How Does It Make You Feel During a Workout?

The well-balanced ingredient list gave me a boost of energy to start my workout and continue with feel the burn. I did not feel nervous or overly hyper, which some pre-workouts can make you feel.

The natural metabolism enhancing products make me excited to see what the results are in the next few months!

PreSeries Lean helps you towards a more healthy lifestyle change.

Pros & Cons of PreSeries Lean Supplement

Every product has its benefits and disadvantages. PreSeries Lean is no different. The disadvantages, however, come with most pre-workout supplements, like large doses or the taste.

The natural ingredients keep the supplement good for your body.


  • Less caffeine than other preworkout supplements
  • Enhances body's natural metabolism with thyroid boosting ingredients
  • Less fat, more muscle


  • Taste due to lack of artificial sweeteners
  • Large does that does mix well 
An image of PreSeries Lean Jar with 30 Servings

The advantages of this product far outweigh the disadvantages. Like with any supplement, mix it well and take as recommended.

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