PRIMASURGE Testosterone Booster 

Today, we're going to be discussing PRIMASURGE, a 100%, all-natural supplement to help men boost their testosterone. By helping men enhance their body's production, preservation, and utilization of testosterone, PRIMASURGE seeks to recharge, or even supercharge the quality of male health and well-being.

Now, some of you already know that maintaining healthy testosterone levels is vital to the optimal performance, function, and stability of a man. We're not just talking about the physical health; testosterone is key to healthy male function in all areas of life.

But for others, I want to ask you a simple question. When you stumbled upon this page, were you trying to get some help in any of these particular areas:

  • Personal Energy Levels
  • Physical performance
  • Mental Performance
  • Sex Drive
  • Emotional and mood quality
PRIMASURGE Testosterone Booster for Men - Boost Lean Muscle Growth, Strength, Energy & Fat Loss | Natural Test Booster Supplement w/Premium PrimaVie, Ashwagandha & More - 60 Veggie Pills

I know I was. You see, I'm not a health expert, a medical professional, or clinically trained in any health field. I have spent a lot of my life deeply immersed in personal study about optimal health, but the fact is that I'm just a normal guy.

But I wasn't feeling normal, or at least I felt normal should be. I felt that, at 30, a man should be at his physical, mental, emotional, social, and even financial prime.

No, in fact, I'm going to be completely blunt with you. I was a loser. That might sound harsh, but when I took a look at my life, all I could see was losing. I was losing money, time, motivation, self-esteem, patience and, most critically, energy.

So I sought to make a change, and I was willing to try something new. When I took this journey, I made two very quick and unexpected discoveries:

  • The difficulties I was having were plaguing thousands, if not millions of men
  • All these difficulties had a common catalyst: low testosterone

Now, you might laugh at me, but my first reaction was... ignorant. I was not trying to "mess" with my testosterone levels, and I thought any process that significantly enhances testosterone levels was "unnatural". Thankfully, I quickly dropped that mindset after learning some critical information.

Testosterone: The Key to Men's Health

To be honest, looking back at myself, I'm almost ashamed to admit I was that ignorant. Fact is, testosterone has been a pretty popular topic in health-based media, and I spent a lot of time constantly immersed in information based on optimal health. 

However, even I managed to complete ignore basic education on testosterone. Testosterone is a human steroid hormone that plays a vital role in almost every facets of male health and well-being.

Remember that question I asked you? About whether or not you were have issues in one, or several critical aspects of your well-being? If you haven't guessed by now, testosterone plays a pivotal, if not chief role in maintaining, regulating, and operating each of those vital functions in male health.

Testosterone reaches peak levels in puberty, and this peak remains until the age of 30. However, when this peak period is over, the body's testosterone levels begin to decline rapidly. To add to this, various stressors from the environment and lifestyle can increase this decline.

Fact is, whether we are conscious of it or not, men have been feverishly trying to boost their testosterone for thousands of years. Yes, even ancient civilizations dedicated hundreds of different formulas, potions and exercises designed to boosting male energy, physical and mental performance, sex drive, stamina, and emotional stability.

Thanks to advances in modern research, we now know that these ancient medicines were attempting to revitalize that key, vital male hormone. They were trying to help men restore their natural testosterone levels.

Testosterone Boosters: The All-natural Approach to Male Restoration

As you can see, testosterone is essential to male health. In addition, we see that methods for restoring male testosterone levels have been developed for thousands of years. What's more, despite the lack of scientific measurement that could allow them to highlight testosterone, many of the ancient methods actually worked. 

As modern scientists looked to solve this issue, they studied to cultures of people who sought the same solution: a means to reinvigorate the lost vitality in males. As they studied these ancient medicinal methods, they found that certain herbal extracts and powders consistently increased the testosterone levels in male subjects.

By highlighting these ingredients, and including vitamins and minerals that also consistently boost male testosterone levels, a new class of all-natural supplements were developed to help men revitalize their testosterone levels. These supplements are called testosterone boosters, and PRIMASURGE is one such booster.

An Overview of PRIMASURGE Testosterone Booster

PRIMASURGE: A New Booster With Ancient Qualities

I'm guessing that if you've made it this far, you're probably wondering if you need a boost in your testosterone levels. Maybe you're wondering if you should consider using a testosterone booster, and you want to know which one is the best for you. 

Well today, I'll be sharing with you key information about a very popular testosterone booster that, in my opinion, is a great place to start. This particular booster is PRIMASURGE. It is a 100%, all-natural blend of 6 key ingredients that are designed to help men boost their testosterone levels.

We will go over these ingredients shortly, but first, I want to share some key components to a worthwhile testosterone booster. Again, I'm not an expert scientist, but PRIMASURGE is 1 of 5 different boosters I have used and tested on myself. So, from experience and personal study, these are 3 components I have found to be essential to a great booster.


This aspect deals with ingredients that are designed to boost you body's natural ability to produce more testosterone.


This aspect deals with ingredients that inhibit testosterone deterioration, such as aromatization. These ingredients help keep the testosterone free and performing well.


This aspect deals with ingredients that strengthen the supporting processes of the body that allow testosterone to work best. This includes ingredients that help with circulation, digestion, and nutrient absorption, just to name a few.

These three factors are the difference between effective testosterone boosters and lackluster boosters. Let's take a look at PRIMASURGE's ingredients and see how, or if, it satisfies each of these three components.

PRIMASURGE: The Ingredients

It has 6 key ingredients that they implement in their formula. The list reads:

  • PrimaVie Shilajit
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Ashwagandha
  • Boron
  • Safed Musli Extract
  • Bioperine

I have reviewed several different boosters, and in most instances, I could label how each one satisfies one or more of the 3 critical factors for a good booster. However, there are two reasons why that would be a difficult task.

First, PRIMASURGE has a rather small list of ingredients in comparison to many other testosterone boosters that I have seen. Many include a number of different vitamins and minerals, while PRIMASURGE only includes one mineral.

Now you might be thinking, "Oh well! Sounds like this booster is full of crap!" However, this isn't the case, and in many ways this small list of ingredients is one of PRIMASURGE's strengths.

Out of all the ingredients in PRIMASURGE's formula, all but one are derived from herbs. Of these 5 herbs, 4 belong to class of herbal substances known as adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs that are meant to help the body respond to stress more effectively and healthfully.

In order to do this, adaptogens provide nutritive substances that greatly enhance the function of one or several human body systems. In my experience, adaptogens have some of the most profound effects on the hormonal, or endocrine system of the body. Testosterone is one such hormone.

Adaptogens are present in almost every kind of herbal protocol to reinvigorate male vital functions. Moreover, many of these adaptogens have been shown to have properties that satisfy all 3 of the critical factors for an effective testosterone booster.

Tongkat Ali demonstrates the ability to help augment testosterone production, along with inhibiting the process of aromatization. Aromatization is the process by which the male body converts testosterone into estrogen. This is a huge lose-lose for the body, and Tongkat Ali helps the body resist aromatization.

Ashwagandha inhibits the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Increased cortisol has been shown to coincide with a number of debilitating functions to the body, and coincides with testosterone reduction.

Safed Musli has potent aphrodisiac qualities, which is especially important because testosterone is produced in the testes. Moreover, it has a number properties that help with reducing inflammation, stress, and sleep irregularity. It also supports the stimulation of androgens, important male hormones.

Shilajit is the last of these herbal compounds, and has strong use in Indian Aryuvedic medicine for restoring function to weakened human systems. With men, it has shown to signficantly raise testosterone in infertile men.

These 4 adaptogens satisfy each of the 3 factors in some way, shape, and form. In addition, boron is added for it's anti-estrogen and testosterone-boosting abilities. Bioperine is added to increase the absorption of all these powerful ingredients.

PRIMASURGE: Does It Work? 

Some people may argue that the list of ingredients in this product aren't backed by enough clinical research. It is true, many of the ingredients chosen in PRIMASURGE are based on ancient medicine, although they are included based on validation from one or more studies. 

That being said, we have to acknowledge two important things. First, just because something has not been verified by modern science doesn't mean it doesn't work. It can take a lot of time for scientific research to validate things. Case and point, tobacco smoking.

Tobacco smoking has always been a health hazard, and even ancient medicinal disciplines warned against using it. However, it took 30 years of dedicated research before scientists could convince the government to label cigarettes with warnings that highlight their potential health risks.

Second, many of these ingredients have centuries of repeated use that demonstrate their effectiveness. In fact, if it weren't for their repeated use, we would not have testosterone boosters that use those same ancient ingredients.

PRIMASURGE is the second of 5 testosterone boosters that I have tried. The first one gave me a decent boost in energy and mood, but when I saw it's ingredients, I felt I should try it out.

PRIMASURGE Testosterone Booster for Men - Boost Lean Muscle Growth, Strength, Energy & Fat Loss | Natural Test Booster Supplement w/Premium PrimaVie, Ashwagandha & More - 60 Veggie Pills

Honestly speaking, I preferred PRIMASURGE to my first brand. I tried the first brand again, just to see if it was a placebo. But after retrying the first brand, I was still more satisfied with this one.

It is not the most effective booster I have tried. However, keep in mind that I have tested 5 boosters on myself, so this doesn't really mean that PRIMARSURGE sucks. In fact, as i will lay out in the following pros and cons, this may be the best-valued testosterone booster I've tried.

PRIMASURGE: Pros, Cons, and Final Thoughts

We've covered a lot of ground today, and you're probably wondering if PRIMASURGE is right for you. Here are a final list of pros and cons that can let you know if this is your solution for boosting your body's testosterone levels. 

I'm actually going to start with the cons, because I don't have many to offer. In fact, my only con is something that, for me personally, is also a pro: the ingredients.

PRIMASURGE has a very small list of ingredients, and this isn't inherently a bad thing. However, many elite testosterone boosters include a number of vitamins and supporting minerals with a rather extensive history helping boost testosterone levels in one, or several ways.

D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins D3, K2, and B6 are all excluded. These are very useful ingredients that are featured in most elite boosters, but they aren't here.

That being said, the pros for the ingredients rest in their use of adaptogens. Even with elite brands, there are rarely more than 2 adaptogens in a given formula. However, PRIMASURGE has 4 of them, as well as the use of boron. Boron is also rare in most booster formulas, and is also a very powerful testosterone booster. The inclusion of bioperine is also very well-scouted.

PRIMASURGE Testosterone Booster for Men - Boost Lean Muscle Growth, Strength, Energy & Fat Loss | Natural Test Booster Supplement w/Premium PrimaVie, Ashwagandha & More - 60 Veggie Pills

Second, I personally like that this formula is vegetarian-friendly. I was born and raised vegetarian, and while I don't really count gelatin in supplement capsules as "meat", I enjoy the thoughtfulness.

Last, and perhaps most important, the price. I mentioned that this booster may be the best for beginners. The reason I said this is simple: expensive isn't always better. The elite brands that I mention are often quite expensive. I'm not saying they aren't worth it, because I certainly was fine paying for them.

However, just because they are elite does not mean they are for you. Moreover, just because they are elite doesn't mean that another brand won't be "elite" for you. In my experience, PRIMASURGE has the best value in terms of price and effectiveness.

Lastly, it works! I got the energy I needed to get myself into a place where I not only harnessed the discipline, focus, and motivation necessary to change my life, I actually enjoyed it! I loved that I could discipline myself and feel confident that I could accomplish my goals.

I began exercising again, and despite being sore for days when I tried exercising in the past, I found that I didn't get fatigue or soreness at all. I actually feel more energized after working out than I do entering it.

In my honest experience, I would recommend PRIMASURGE to anyone as their introduction into testosterone boosters. It's the most reasonably priced, but it doesn't skimp on quality to do so. If you're new to boosters, or you want a more effective one than you already got, I'd suggest giving PRIMASURGE a try!

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