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Some men feel ashamed about wanting or needing help when it comes to their sexual health. This is especially true when it comes to penis size. Many men want to increase the size of their penis, but are too afraid to admit it or go through with it.

However, enhancing male sexual health has been the goal of men since civilization and medical sciences have existed. Look into any naturopathic or herbal book and you will always see a healthy amount of formulas and procedures designed to help men increase stamina, arousal and, as we mentioned earlier, penis size.

In modern times, this demand is still as present as it was in the ancient past. Scientists have not only produced several pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements for male sexual health, but there are also devices and exercises specifically designed to enhance penis size.

Today we are going to be covering SizeGenetics, a male enhancement system that is designed to extend the length of your penis. We will discuss how it works, as well as some of the pros and cons of this system. Finally, we will assess whether SizeGenetics is worth your consideration for male enhancement.

About Me

Before we get started, I want to give you a little background about me. My name's Jacob, and I'm a 31-year-old from Chicago. I started freelance writing a year ago, and I am proud to say that I no longer have to slave in the "rat race" just to survive.

I'm no medical or health expert, but I did grow up in a family that was very health-conscious. I was born a vegetarian, which was a pretty big deal when you are growing up in the early 90s (try finding a vegan restaurant) back then.

Being raised health-conscious gave me a desire to improve my body's composition by my own means, or at least by means that were "natural". So when I hit puberty and entered a world where teenage boys were all vying for sexual power, I obviously turned my attention to making my penis bigger.

It might sound pretty ridiculous, and I always laugh when I remember my nervous concerns about being "too small". I didn't have a problem them, and I don't have one now when it comes to my penis size. However, young teenage boys are gonna be frantic about their sexual value, and I certainly was no different.

My Introduction Into Penis Extension

The internet was just starting to become a household name, and I was still going to public libraries to get my 30-minutes on the internet. I remember frantically and nervously searching the internet for exercises to grow my penis. I didn't want to think about pills; I was too young to even legally buy them.

An image of SizeGenetics Extender

I came across a set of exercises that claimed to help an individual increase their penis size. One of the main exercises was a system of stretching that you performed on the penis. While flaccid, you would stretch the penis with your hand for 5 minutes. As each minute passed, you would increase the strength of your pull until that minute 5.

The idea was very simple: Pulling on the penis worked in a very similar way as weightlifting works on the muscle. By stretching the tissues in the penis at intervals of increased intensity, the tissues form small micro tears that cause they tissues to form new cells. This process causes the tissues to grow in size and strength.

This was the theory behind these exercises, and it made perfect sense to me. There was just one problem: the exercises sucked! I didn't really feel comfortable pulling my penis like that because it felt to forceful and I could never ensure that I was keeping the pull as strong as I needed it to.

Also, I couldn't find a way to perform the exercise without possibly cutting off circulation to one or several parts of my penis. I believed in theory behind this method, but the method had too many flaws for me to continue with it.

SizeGenetics: What Is It?

You might be wondering why I would share this story with you, but it heavily relates to the value behind SizeGenetics. SizeGenetics is a comprehensive system that is designed to help you extend your penis size without the use of surgery or expensive drugs and supplements.

SizeGenetics focuses on mechanical methods of extending the penis. However, this system is designed to give you a comprehensive set of techniques that are designed to do the following:

An image of SizeGenetics Extender with an accessories.
  • Increase penis length and girth
  • Remove Peyronies, or bent penis syndrome
  • Improve sexual stamina and endurance
  • Acquire more satisfying orgasms

There are two primary parts to this system that allow you to be able to effectively increase the length and girth of your penis. The first is the medical, type 1 penis-stretching device that has been clinically tested for its ability to extend penis size.

This device performs the same action as the stretching exercises I mentioned earlier. However, these devices are designed to avoid the pitfalls that I was having with manual exercises. They don't cut off circulation to areas of the penis, but instead provide a gentle, even stretch along the entire corpora cavernosa of the penis.

This extending device is also helpful in treated penis curvature, or Peyronies. This syndrome isn't really a humongous problem with men who have it, but many men report feelings of discomfort or even inability to perform in extreme cases.

The second aspect of this program comes with video tutorials on how to perform specific exercises that enhance the effectiveness of the stretching device and also have been used to increase penis size. These exercises are known as Jelqing exercises, and really help with increased girth, as well as helping me improve arousal and sexual stamina.

Pros & Cons of SizeGenetics


  • While this system is rather simple, it does provide essential tools to help you grow your penis. An obvious benefit of using this program comes with the stretching device included in this package.
  • Manual stretching, as we have stated before, can come with a number of difficulties that can hinder progress or even be dangerous. This device performs these same stretches in a manner that is free of those problems.
  • I was a 15-year-old teenager when I tried these exercises, and I wouldn't recommend someone using these products at that age. However, there are several adults who were in the same position as I was. Using this type of device gives you the results those exercises are supposed to create without the danger.
  • Another key benefit is that this program includes a full-spectrum of sexual exercises for penis enlargement. When I researched my penis-extending exercises, Jelqing was the other primary technique that I learned.
  • Penis stretching does help increase girth, but length is the primary target of these kind of exercises. With Jelqing, the girth gains are really the target of this kind of exercise.
  • I am glad to see that they included these exercises in the program, which demonstrates that this program is not just about selling a device. They want you to have the best chance at naturally increasing your penis size and the function of the penis.
  • This program also included key bonuses that are designed to help you become the best lover you can be. The whole point of having a larger penis is to have better quality sex. As such, SizeGenetics has 3 additional programs that will help you learn how to pleasure your partners to the fullest and have the best quality sex you possibly can.


  • The only real issue with this program is that you have to actually perform the exercises and commit to a steady regimen. Penis-enlargement exercises do require time and dedication, and you also want to make sure you perform your exercises properly.
  • Improper penis exercise, like any other poorly-performed exercises, can have counterproductive results. While this shouldn't be a big problem with the extending device, Jelqing can easily be performed improperly. It's not a dangerous exercise, but you definitely want to follow instructions and be patient with your exercises.


If you are looking for simple, yet proven exercises and devices that can help you grow your penis naturally, then you want to give SizeGenetics a shot. It provides a complete program for not only increasing penis size, but for enhancing the quality of your sex life overall.

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