TestoGen Testosterone Booster

I want to share something with you that has literally helped change the lives of thousands of men just like you and I. Men from every walk of life have tapped into this amazing discovery to help achieve peak levels of male performance and well-being.

This amazing find, that I happened upon by accident, is called Testogen.

However, before I share the details of what Testogen does, I want to say that I am not a professional biologist, health expert, or certified specialist in any health, medical or science-based field.

When I made this discovery, all I was looking for was more available, daily energy. I didn’t know I was going to get a new lease on life.

Why I Needed Testogen's Help

I worked a job on the weekends, and shifts were terribly long. For 18 hours I would spend traveling to, performing, and basically “living” at work. The job wasn't hard, but was very physically demanding and paid an AMAZING $12.75/hr.

To top it off, 70 percent of my diet consisted of fast food and gas-station snacks, sleeping less than 4 hours a night before repeating the same cycle.

Some people can easily withstand the rigors of such a work schedule, but not me. By the time I got done with those weekends, I was beat. Energy reservoirs were consistently below 0, and my idea of productive was binging on Netflix shows and my favorite YouTube personalities.

I knew I should be exercising, but was too sleepy to do anything but doze back off, for an extra hour... or three. I knew how to cook and make healthy, tasty meals, but I was too "lazy" to do so. In fact, I was just about too "lazy" to do anything productive. I had all the plans, but no power to execute.

A lot of people would just blame it on "old age". But when did 30 become "old"? I wasn't buying into that, because it didn't seem right that someone my age felt was functioning, on more than one level, like a senior citizen.

I wasn't trying to be Kal-El, lost Son of Krypton; I wasn't trying to be Superman. I just wanted to be... well, a man. As a man, I felt I should be able to consistently and reliably perform at my physical and mental best so that I could live the life I want. I should have the vitality, energy, and physical integrity to readily get the best of life.

Don't you feel it's your natural, human right to be able achieve your goals without sacrificing your well-being to do so? Shouldn't you be able to perform at your best regardless of your age? Shouldn't you have the energy, clarity of mind, and physical ability to live life to the fullest?

I knew I needed a change, and I needed a change quick.

How I Found Testogen

I wanted a solution that could help me increase my energy levels and stamina, but that only involved natural processes and natural substances. Even though I was not professionally trained, my father was a naturopathic medicine practitioner. As such, I believe that health solutions should always come from natural sources.

However, I must admit that I was a bit of a "natural nut". I wanted to avoid anything that I thought looked pharmaceutical, which was 95% of supplements in my eyes. But I was so off-track that even synthetic products were on the table.

Luckily, when I finally decided to allow myself to consider supplementation, I stumbled upon Testogen quite easily. I did try herb powders before, but Testogen was my first formula-based supplement since trying protein powders as a teen.

An image of a box of Testogen.

I was pleasantly shocked that, despite my bias, I could not find anything “synthetic” about Testogen. I was extremely relieved that Testogen was composed of all-natural active ingredients.

But I still wasn’t hoping for much. I really just wanted more daily energy; everything would fall in place if I got that extra energy. Well, Let me tell you what I didn't expect:

  • Immediate boost in available energy
  • Increased mental clarity, focus, and organization
  • Enhanced personal confidence, self-motivation, and problem-solving
  • Enhanced muscular and physical strength, stamina, definition & lean mass

And this was just the tip of the iceberg. The combination of these benefits allowed me to finally quit my unrewarding job and work at home writing. As such, I decreased my total work week by 20 hours, but increased my income by anywhere from 2.25 to 3 times what I was getting paid at that job.

All I wanted was some extra energy. Turns out I got all that and much, much more.

Testogen: Ins and Outs

Thanks for sticking with me this long, because you're probably wondering, "Okay we heard enough about you brother! What about MY issues? How is this going to work for me?"

Testogen is a supplement designed to help men improve and increase their overall strength, energy, vitality, stamina, and sex drive. By enhancing these qualities within a male, Testogen works to help men improve their overall health and personal performance.

As with many supplements on the market, common questions can arise when talking about Testogen. How does Testogen enhance all of these aspects of male health? Does Testogen use natural ingredients, or does it utilize synthetic chemicals? Does this stuff actually work?

I hope you are asking at least a few of these questions, because I plan to answer them all.

An image of a man pumping his bicep with a dumbell

You should always make well-informed decisions when it comes to any form of supplementation. So let's find out what Testogen is all about.

Restoring Low Testosterone 

As with all things, the human body requires certain substances in order to function properly. In the male human body, one of the most important substances needed for optimum performance is testosterone.

Testosterone is a human steroid hormone that is produced naturally in both male and female bodies. However, testosterone is of keen importance in the male body, as it helps regulate and maintain some of the most vital functions in the male body.

A graph showing how TestoGen can boost testosterone levels.

Testosterone is chiefly important in the acquisition and perpetuation of muscular strength, mass, and performance, male sex drive, male energy levels, physical stamina, and various mental and emotional capacities such as focus, ambition, willpower, and confidence.

In the average male, testosterone levels peak at the age of 30. After 30, the levels of this hormone start to decline with each passing year.

You can probably guess what happens to all those qualities that testosterone helps maintain, right?

It's also important to note that while testosterone is just one of a multitude of important hormones in the body, it's role in maintaining beneficial male health is so pivotal that depletion of testosterone in a male can really shut down a man's ability to live well.

Finally, while age is a contributing factor to low testosterone production, many males younger than 30 exhibit the same low-testosterone difficulties. Debilitating lifestyle habits, excessive working, and increased sedentary living all contribute to diminished testosterone production.

This means that low testosterone can be a problem for any man. TestoGen looks to solve this dilemma with a special blend of all-natural nutritive ingredients designed to restore the body's ability to produce optimal testosterone levels in the male body.

TestoGen Ingredients

Before progressing, I want to point out a very important fact. Testogen is not a steroid supplement itself; it does not supply testosterone directly. Testogen stimulates the body to produce testosterone, not to give the body testosterone.

Testogen's ingredients emphasize four major purposes. The first of these purposes has been specified above: enhanced testosterone production. To aid in testosterone production, Testogen enlists the use of D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, and 3 B-Vitamins.

These ingredients are known to be vitally important for sexual well-being, and as such are vital to testosterone production. They also help promote lean muscle mass.

In addition to testosterone production, Testogen has ingredients that work to preserve the amount of testosterone in the system, as well as preserve its functional integrity.

One of the chief ways the male body loses testosterone is due to the body converting it into estrogen. This process is a big lose-lose for male health.

Estrogen is a female hormone, and is only required minimally in a male body. Excess production diminishes the body's ability to perform optimally. Moreover, you are losing testosterone, which we obviously don't want.

An image showing supplement facts of TestoGen

In addition to this conundrum, testosterone can also be diminished by attaching itself to a protein called SHGB. When testosterone attaches to SHGB, it's effectiveness in the body suffers.

Testogen remedies this with the inclusion of Stinging Nettle, Fenugreek and Vitamin D3. Fenugreek and Vitamin D block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and Stinging Nettle takes the place of testosterone as an SHGB companion.

This combination preserves the the amount of testosterone, and insures that inhibiting factors like SHGB don't interfere with testosterone effectiveness.

Testogen’s third purpose is to increase the supportive functions and mechanisms of the body to further insure proper testosterone production and proper testosterone facilitation. To explain, let's talk about something important: Adaptogens.

An image of different Adaptogen herbs

Adaptogens refer to the class of medicinal substances that possess the capacity to greatly enhance the functioning of the entire body. Due to the very powerful way that adaptogenic substances can enhance the functioning of the body's various systems, adaptogens are often quite important in herbal medicine.

Tribulus Terrestris and Panax Ginseng are present in Testogen for their adaptogenic benefits, which include enhanced circulation, hormonal production and balance, empowered sex drive, enhanced muscular performance, stamina, and strength, improvements in mental and emotional function, and enhanced energy.

Lastly, Testogen wants to make sure that each of these ingredients is used optimally by the body. So Testogen includes Vitamin K, Magnesium, Boron, and Peperine extract to enhance the maximal absorption of Testogen's nutritive components, as well as enhance the capacity for these ingredients to work in synergy.

Peperine is derived from black pepper, which almost all of you will be familiar with.

As you can see, all natural ingredients, most of which the body already needs to survive. Nothing synthetic, and yet it produces very, very powerful results.

The dosages of each ingredient are readily available on Testogen's Nutrition Facts label, which is included with every bottle of Testogen.

My Experience With Using Testogen And Final Thoughts

As I said earlier, I was only looking for increased energy. I would've been fine if that was all I received using Testogen. I would've been equally fine waiting at least 2 weeks to see results.

But I felt a difference the first day of use, and a difference that was considerable. That difference was so considerable that, by the end of 7 days of consistent, daily use, I was fully-dedicated to working out, on a daily basis, for 60-90 minutes a day, everyday. I had to energy to propel myself to the motivation and passion to change my life.

The benefits of using Testogen actually inspired me to eat healthier and quit smoking. The confidence helped me focus on writing, and to believe I could support myself independently. When I exercise, I not only anticipate doing the work, but I enjoy it more and more each time I do it.

This might sound miraculous, but my experience just shows how important healthy testosterone levels are. Think about it, what if this seemingly tiny, but extremely important part of your health could be boosted? What if, just by improving your testosterone levels, you could propel yourself to a life that is full of possibilities?

So does Testogen work? Well, for me, it certainly did. And for many others, life-changing results just like mine have come from consistent use of Testogen. The benefits, as you can see from my example, helped me excel in not only my direct, physical and mental well-being, but also in my social and financial life.

When considering the pros and cons, I think I've already explained the huge degree of pros for Testogen. It's wide range of benefits is off-the-charts. It's all-natural ingredients are far from synthetic, and many ingredients are nutrients that the body needs on a regular basis. Testogen even offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

An image of TestoGen 100% natural ingredient box with jar

The only cons I can think of result from abuse or lack of perspective. If over-consumed, and taken beyond the recommended daily dosage of 4 pills, then you can experience harmful side effects. However, many users don't ever feel the need to exceed that dosage.

In fact, many users of Testogen actually use less than the daily 4 pills, still with incredible results.

Secondly, some think that Testogen is expensive. The price is $60 for 120 capsules and at 4 pills a day, that's $2 a day. This is for the maximum dosage, which is reduced to $1 a day if you take 2 capsules a day, or even $.50 for those who only take one!

In comparison to coffee, the price of Testogen would not even pay for half the bill of one coffee from the local Starbucks. And in comparison to energy drinks in convenience stores, those little drinks can price from $3 - $5.

And neither coffee nor those drinks offer an energy that lasts all day, let alone all the other powerful benefits. So the price is actually another pro for me.

I can't guarantee that Testogen is the only supplement that can do what it does. However, I highly recommend taking the chance to try Testogen if you're looking to acquire, or perhaps recapture your male youth, vigor, strength, vitality, confidence and personal well-being.

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